Should your business use branded workwear?

By February 23, 2018 Branded Workwear, Branding

Most people will recognise that branded workwear is becoming increasingly popular, as businesses large and small begin to recognise the importance of having a strong customer facing brand. It’s no longer just for manufacturing staff requiring steel toe caps and overalls.

Whether you opt for full uniforms or just some branded clothing items like caps of custom scarves, branded workwear is a great way to ensure consistency and professionalism at the workplace, and to perpetuate the identity of your brand as your business grows.

So if your staff works directly with the customers, staff uniform is a great way to make them more visible, ensure your customers know who they are talking to, help them stand out in the work place as separate from the customers.

And if we consider that a staff uniform will be worn on the way in to work, and on the way home from work, we realise that not only is the brand going to be presented to potential customers in the work environment, it is also going to be seen by the general populous worn by those staff who rely upon public transport to commute to the work space each day, this is a potentially huge possibility for any company to explore, traditional advertising space on public transport is neither cheap nor far reaching, a simple staff uniform, backed up by more traditional forms of corporate clothing at management and executive level offer your company an unprecedented chance to extend the reach of your brand whilst accruing human resource benefits through improved team work.

Reasons why you should consider providing your staff with branded workwear . . .

  • Research has demonstrated that branded workwear is more effective than ‘newspaper, the internet, TV, radio and other types of advertising.
  • Branded workwear can help give your business the edge over the competition and increase brand exposure and awareness.
  • Providing comfortable and good quality branded workwear will help staff do their jobs correctly.
  • Branded workwear will give you and your employees a professional look, instilling confidence in your potential customers.
  • The right staff uniform will give your staff pride in being part of your business.
  • The decision of whether or not to have name badges as part of your staff uniform can seem like a trivial thing, but clever use of this tool could become part of your marketing as well as for the customer experience.

Not sure on whether Staff Uniform is right for your business?

The following checklist will help you determine if your staff uniform is successfully serving the needs of your employees, customers and brand.

  1. Supplying branded staff uniform is standard practice for many businesses, but in the retail sector it can have far greater significance in terms of return on investment (ROI).
  2. The Staff Uniform is a critical part of brand perception and it is important that garments are carefully developed and managed to create the desired effect that reflects your brand.
  3. A staff uniform can be important in managing your business’s appearance as there is no risk of employees being inappropriately dressed for the environment.
  4. Introducing a staff uniform can improve a business’s image – and work wonders for staff morale. Your customers’ perception of how you treat your staff will be heightened, as if you ‘care’ for your staff, you will ‘care‘ for your customers.
  5. The staff uniform has a ‘pit crew’ feel, supporting the staff image as knowledgeable, hands on enthusiasts.
  6. Keep your staff safe – workwear H&S compliance is now a very important part of the workplace. Keeping your staff properly protected is also your responsibility.
  7. Having a staff uniform means that you can control how workers dress without being subject to outside interpretation of what is suitable. A uniform of collared or polo shirt, tailored trousers, and co-ordinated sweaters or jackets offers a cohesive and consistent look. For workplaces with a compulsory uniform, the employer must either provide it free of charge or provide an allowance for the purchase of the uniform. Buying on behalf of staff will ensure it is the right uniform of suitable quality and can result in better buying power based on volume. Remember though that a uniform should not hinder your staff when they work but they should have some kind of pride when wearing it, especially when the staff uniform has your business logo in it. Make sure the clothing you choose is comfortable and practical for the roles it is chosen.
  8. And finally, visitor safety is also your responsibility, so spare safety vests and disposable personal protective clothing (PPE) such as safety glasses, earplugs are simple solutions.

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